How do I use Ava Cloud Cameras with Wasabi?

Ava Cloud cameras have been validated for use with Wasabi cloud storage. Ava video security systems feature innovative hybrid cloud and on-premise components to create a flexible video solution for the areas you want to protect.

Ava Cloud Cameras and the cameras attached to Ava Cloud Connectors™ can be configured to store recordings in Wasabi's cloud storage using Ava Storage Connect. This knowledge base article details the steps to add Wasabi cloud storage as a backup destination to store backups. 


Table of Contents

  1. Prerequisites
  2. Architecture Diagram
  3. Add Wasabi As A New Backup Destination
  4. Apply Configuration Profile to Camera
  5. Logs and Restore process


1. Prerequisites

  • A current release of Ava Aware deployed.
  • An Ava Aware camera license.
  • Ava Storage Connect license.
  • An active Wasabi cloud storage account.


2. Reference Architecture

The following architecture diagram depicts how Ava cameras and third-party cameras can store recordings in Wasabi cloud storage.  



3. Add Wasabi As A New Backup Destination

To use Wasabi as a cloud storage destination, we will be adding a new storage destination on the Ava Aware Cloud configuration profile. Follow the steps in this section to add Wasabi as an S3-compatible backup destination.


3.1 Log in to your Ava Aware Cloud deployment.
3.2 If required enter your 2-factor authentication code.
3.3 Open the devices tool within Aware.
3.4 Within the devices tool, click on the Camera tab and then click on the "Configuration" button.
3.5 Create a new profile or modify an existing profile for backups. Enable "Back up camera recordings" and choose what types of recordings to backup by selecting in "Recordings to back up". Then click "OK" to save the settings.

3.6 To change where the backup goes to, or when the backup occurs, reopen the Configuration dialog and on a profile click Manage backup settings.
Click on the cogwheel icon to create a new destination for using your Wasabi storage.
3.7 In the "Backup Locations" window enter the following details-
3.8 To change when data is backed up, click "Change Schedule" on the "Deployment settings" window. 
Enter the time periods to use in the "From" and "To", and the maximum bitrate to use per device for that time period.
Note: These settings apply to all configuration profiles, not just the one you opened this dialog from. If needed, different schedules can be set for different sites within Aware. For more details on how to do this, please consult the Aware documentation.

4. Apply Configuration Profile to Camera

Once Wasabi is added as a backup destination on the configuration profile in the above section, follow the below steps to apply the configuration profile to the camera(s). You can skip these steps if the configuration profile is already applied to the camera(s). 


4.1 Log in to your Ava Aware Cloud deployment.
4.2 If required enter your 2-factor authentication code.
4.3 Open the devices tool within Aware.


4.4 Using the tick boxes on the device tool, select each camera you wish to apply it to.



4.5 Click the edit cameras button at the top of the tool.



4.6 Select the camera configuration profile that you created above. Then click "Done" on the  Edit window to save.



5. Logs and Restore process

5.1 Logs- Follow the steps in the Download Logs from Aware article to download logs from your Ava Cloud Aware deployment.


5.2 View Recordings backed up to Wasabi- 

Recordings backed up using Ava Storage Connect can be accessed and downloaded by signing into Wasabi Console. The recordings are stored as mp4 files.

You can also use Wasabi Explorer to download the recording files from Wasabi. Refer to Wasabi Explorer for Mac or Wasabi Explorer for Windows articles for more information.

To download the recording files using Wasabi Console follow the steps below.

5.2.1 Refer to Signing into Wasabi Console to sign-in to the Wasabi Console and view the buckets. 

5.2.2 Once you sign-in, click on the on the bucket where the recordings are stored to display the files in the bucket.

5.2.3 Select the file that you want to be download and click on the three dots on the right and click then click on "Download As".

Screenshot 2024-01-15 at 12.15.44 PM.png


5.2.4 Click on the "Download" button to download the file.



For more information on Ava Cloud Cameras, please refer to their documentation


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