What is the signup process for WCSM - Cloud Migration service?

Wasabi Cloud Sync Manager (WCSM) can be used to migrate (copy) data out of third party cloud accounts and on-prem S3 Object stores like AWS, Azure, GCP, Backblaze, RStor and many more to Wasabi, with assistance from Wasabi Product Support.

Note: - Migration is a paid managed offering from Wasabi. The Wasabi Product Ops team will help migrate the data from your source cloud account to your Wasabi account based on your information.

In order to sign up for Wasabi Cloud Sync Manager (WCSM) for Cloud Migration, please follow the steps in this article - 

1. Please complete the questionnaire at https://info.wasabi.com/wcsm-questionnaire or send an email to sales@wasabi.com with the following information -

  • Storage amount to be migrated (in TB)
  • Source Cloud and region
  • Destination region

2. Once we receive this completed questionnaire or the above information from you, our team will review it. If there are no further questions, a Wasabi sales rep will send a migration quote to you for acceptance and signature.

3. Once we receive the signed quote, we will connect you with the team that executes the migration jobs.

Our team will stay connected with you and provide periodic status updates during the migration. 


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