How easy is it to get started with Wasabi?

You can get started with Wasabi via these 3 easy steps:

  • Click on the “Try or Buy Now” button on and create an account on Wasabi
  • Once logged in to the Wasabi console, click on the “CREATE BUCKET” option to create your first storage bucket (if you are new to object storage, a storage bucket is a logical unit of storage that is used to store files and associated meta-data on a cloud storage service)
  • Once a storage bucket is created, click on the bucket name and start uploading files (note that you can upload files to Wasabi using the File Manager feature built in to the Wasabi Management Console or by using one of the many third-party S3-compatible storage client applications; see for more information)

For more detailed walk-though (including our recommended approach of creating a sub-user underneath the root user account), please view our Quick Start Tutorial video.


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