I am relatively new to S3-style cloud storage & want to understand how Wasabi compares to other cloud storage services like Carbonite, Dropbox, and Google Drive?

Wasabi is a public cloud object storage service in the same class as the following public cloud services:

Although Wasabi and all three of the major public cloud object storage service providers provide basic browser-based management consoles for file uploads/downloads, the dominant model is for customer to provide their own storage apps for use with these services.  This 'bring your own app or client' model is in contrast to services like Carbonite, CrashPlan, Dropbox, and Google Drive (which will generally include storage client applications for end-user platforms such as Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, etc.).

Wasabi’s approach to end-user client applications is essentially the same as Amazon S3: build a strong partner ecosystem and let the customer decide which client application works best for their needs. 

If you do need an end-user storage client to work with Wasabi, any storage client that works with S3 will generally also work with Wasabi. Many of these clients are listed at at wasabi.com/interop. If you need a specific recommendation for your use case, please contact us.


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