I am new to using S3-style cloud storage services and have noticed that storage bucket names must be unique across the service and have some special naming requirements – why is that?


Although your storage buckets are completely private and partitioned from all other users on the Wasabi service, the Amazon S3 standard for storage bucket naming requires unique storage bucket names across a S3-style object storage service such as Wasabi.     This means that if someone else on the service has already named their storage bucket “test”, that name will not be available to other users.    You may wish to name your storage buckets with some unique identifier.    Many storage applications will do this for you (create a bucket name with uniqueness per users).

On the topic of naming syntax, Wasabi follows the S3 standard naming rules described in the S3 documentation.

NOTE: We have noticed that buckets with a naming convention of all number (i.e. "12345678") will fail to LIST contents with some applications, such as CyberDuck or Wasabi Explorer. Because of this, we recommend users avoid using an all-numbered naming schema for your buckets.

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