How do I check my Wasabi usage?

You can view your Wasabi usage by using the Wasabi Console. There are two ways you can view your account usage, at an overall account level, and on the individual bucket level. Please follow the instructions below in order to check your account usage.


Important: Your usage is updated every 24 hours. If you have recently added or deleted data, you will not see this accounted for until the current 24 hour period has been updated.

Overall Account Usage

After logging into the Wasabi Console, click on the Billing Tab in the left frame.


Once on the Billing page, you will see your Invoice list. Just expand the 'PENDING' invoice for your current values, or you can go back to previous invoices if you want to see the data that corresponds to them. The screenshot below provides an example:



And when you expand that you'll see something like this:



Individual Bucket Usage

If you also want statistics at the per-bucket level, this info can be found in the Bucket Size section of the bucket settings:


Additional information on the topic can be found here.  


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