How can I determine the bucket size using the s3cmd tool?

One of the challenges with S3-style storage (Wasabi or even AWS S3) is determining the size of a storage bucket.  Wasabi started providing this capability via a bucket size feature but AWS S3 still does not offer this feature.   This means that it is sometimes necessary to turn to a third-party tool for this purpose. One such tool is S3cmd.   S3cmd is a command line tool that allows a user to view and manage their s3 buckets. It can be extremely useful for getting finer details about your s3 buckets.

To start: Download s3cmd here and follow the instructions to install it

Once installed, run the following

~$ s3cmd --configure

You will then go step by step through the configuration process to set it up with Wasabi. The image below details the process in its entirety.

The key modifications to make it work with Wasabi is as follows:

  1. use your wasabi access and secret access keys when asked
  2. default region -> us-east-1
  3. change to for the s3 endpoint
  4. change "%(bucket) to "%(bucket) in the following step

The rest should be the same.

Once configured, enter

 ~$ s3cmd

To get a list of available actions you can perform.

In order to view your buckets and their respective sizes enter the following

~$ s3cmd du

This will list all of your buckets with their amount of objects and the total size.

For more info on how to use s3cmd go to

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