How do I enable account logging?

Account logging is used by Wasabi customer support to further isolate a problem. If you report problem to Wasabi, a support engi­neer may request that you enable this feature for a set the number of minutes (up to 60) during which the system will monitor the account and generate activity logs for the Wasabi support engineer. Although your local performance may be affected while the system is monitoring activity, performance will resume after the specified time period when the system stops logging.

Because the logging function only works for up to 60 minutes, it is important to try to turn on the logging so it covers a period when the problem occurs.     For example, if you are using a third-party client that is failing to perform a certain function, you will want to do something like this:

1.  Turn on Wasabi account logging

2.  Repeat the failure scenario within 60 minutes

3.  Inform Wasabi Support that the test is complete (there is no logs for the Wasabi user to collect; they are archived on the Wasabi back-end system)

To enable account logging, please perform the following function:

1.  For the root user, go to Settings in the frame on the left. 

2.  Select Account Logging in the menu

3. Enter the duration from 0-60 minutes and select the ENABLE button in the lower right screen. 

The screen shot below provides the logging screen described above.


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