How often is Wasabi billing information collected and when is my credit card charged?

Wasabi collects billing usage measurements continually and aggregates those measurements every 24 hours at 0030 (30 minutes after midnight) UTC.    The Wasabi billing software processes these usage measurement data and makes it available to the user at approximately 0130 UTC following the close-out of the previous days measurements at 0030 UTC.      The usage information is available from the Wasabi Management Console under My Profile -> Billing

The above information is available for both trial users and paid subscribers.   For paid subscribers, Wasabi produces an invoice of charges and bills the credit card associated with the account every 30 days.  For a paid subscriber that has recently transitioned from a trial user to a paid subscriber, the first invoice will be created 30 days from the date when the trial user becomes a paid subscriber (i.e. when the user associates a credit card with their account).  For example, if you become a paid subscriber on the 5th of the month, you will receive your first invoice 30 days later.    

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