What countries does Wasabi accept credit card payment from?

Wasabi uses Stripe (one of the world's leading payment processors) as our credit card payment processor.   Wasabi (via Stripe) charges in $USD regardless of where our subscribers are based. Wasabi (via Stripe) has the ability to process credit card payments from subscribers throughout the world using any valid credit card* the subscriber may have (regardless of where the credit card holder resides or where the credit card issuing bank is).  

Wasabi has observed some credit card payment failures when the credit cards are issued by non-US banks.  This payment failure is typically because of some sort of limitation that is put in place by the issuing bank (not because of a Wasabi or Stripe limitation). 

If you experience this type of failure as part of a Wasabi payment process attempt, it is recommended you contact the bank that has issued the credit card prior to contacting Wasabi.  The issuing bank is typically able to resolve the problem for you.  

*Please review this article for the types of credit cards Wasabi supports.


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