I'm trying to submit a credit card to become a paid subscriber and get an error message - how can I fix this?

Wasabi uses Stripe as our payment processor.  If Stripe sends the credit card information to the credit card issuing bank and the bank rejects the charge attempt, you will often get the error message "Problem with card, please contact support" or "Card declined". These messages are coming from our payment processor (Stripe) and Wasabi doesn't have additional info on the reason the card was not accepted.  We recommend you contact your credit card issuing bank for more details. 

This error can also occur if there is a misspelling in the billing address form since this is what stripe uses to confirm your identity. Make sure that your address and zip code are all entered correctly.

Finally, an error could appear if the credit card is issued from a country that Stripe does not yet support. See list below:


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