What is the system behavior when a credit card payment problem exists?

If an attempt to charge your credit card for Wasabi service charges fails (for any reason including insufficient funds, bank declines, card expiration etc.), Wasabi will automatically try to charge your credit card again 24 hours after the first failure.   If the second charge attempt fails, a third and final automatic charge attempt will be made 24 hours after the second failure.  If the third and final charge attempt fails, your account is subject to suspension and deletion in accordance with Section 7.2.b of the Wasabi Customer Agreement.  

If you are not able to resolve any payment problems in accordance with this timeline, please contact us as soon as possible before automatic system delete action is taken on your account and files. If your account is deleted for non-payment, it is not possible to recover the account or any associated files

If you need to change your credit card to resolve the payment problem, you can do this from the Wasabi Management Console -> Billing -> Payment Settings -> Edit Existing Card or Add New Card (see below)


Once you have made the change to your credit card info, you can either wait for the system to automatically retry within 24 hours or you can use the 'PAY NOW' button in the Payment Method window to force an immediate payment attempt on an outstanding invoice.

If you have failed three successive times due to a problem with your credit card, and you subsequently resolve a problem on your credit card and want to re-start the authorizations, simply re-enter the SAME credit card information and submit it. The system will start its three attempt sequence over again.   


Special handling for pending credit card expiration: 

Ten (10) days prior to credit card expiration, Wasabi will send an email to you indicating the pending CC expiration. If the credit card expires but the invoice is not yet due, you will also receive an email from Wasabi informing you of the pending credit card expiration. If the credit card is expired when the Wasabi invoice charge is attempted, the notification process will proceed as described in steps 1 -> 5 above.



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