How do I use HashBackup with Wasabi?

HashBackup is validated for use with Wasabi.  To use this product with Wasabi, please follow the config guidelines below:

1.  Create a Wasabi-specific config file for use with HashBackup.  Below is a sample file:

destname wasabi
type s3
location US
accesskey your_wasabi_access_key
secretkey your_wasabi_secret_key
bucket your_preferred_bucket_name
dir your_preferred_directory
class standard


2.  Once the config file is created, you can then operate HashBackup in the normal manner as described in the HashBackup instructions.  

Note that this example discusses the use of Wasabi's us-east-1 storage region. To use other Wasabi storage regions, please use the appropriate Wasabi service URL as described in this article

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