Using policies vs ACLs in Wasabi

Wasabi supports the use of both ACLS and Policies to grant and deny access to buckets and objects in your account. 

ACLs, while useful in some circumstances, has largely been deprecated in its utility thanks to the advent of policies and has been integrated into Wasabi primarily for backwards compatibility to developers legacy systems that require such functionality.

ACLs in Wasabi are designed primarily to grant access to your Wasabi account to external Wasabi accounts as opposed to sub users.

If you are looking to restrict access to buckets or files to specific sub-users (as well as external wasabi accounts) It is recommended that you use bucket policies instead. This article gives a basic example of how to restrict access to specific users. Since our bucket policy functionality is for the most part compatible with the other big cloud storage providers you can find many other helpful articles on the internet that explain how to use bucket policies to restrict access. 

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