What's new in Wasabi's 29 October 2017 release?

New features:

There are no new features in this release.


Resolved issues:

1. Batch workers uses the configuration of the server on which it is running.

2. In the Wasabi Management Console, you no longer get a clock skew error message if you attempt to use the Upload Files panel after attempting to drag a file to upload directly to a bucket or folder without using the Upload Files panel.

3. The Wasabi Management Console does not hang after deleting a bucket that contains a significant number of objects.

4. Folder and file deletion behaves the same way, independent of whether you create a folder and upload files or upload a folder with files.

5. When the compliance and versioning are enabled, you cannot delete a file using the Delete option on the More drop down menu or using the Delete File button on the File Details panel option.

6. The user interface no longer prompts for a multi-factor authentication (MFA) key after MFA is disabled.


Known issues:

1.  When selecting multiple files for deletion, use the Delete option under the MORE button. If you attempt to delete multiple files using the DELETE FILE button on the right side bar, only one file will be deleted. The deleted file will be the one indicated in the side bar. For example, two files are selected below, but the side bar was opened by clicking the Changelog.docx file. In this case, clicking DELETE FILE will delete only the Changelog.docx file.

2.  ACL implementation is complete on the bucket level, but does not apply to objects in the bucket. in the Management Console.

3.  Mobile platforms do not currently include all features.

a. The IAM button is not displayed

b.  The Switch Role option (on the menu) is not available

c.  The full Create Bucket wizard does follow through with all options

d.  The first screen displayed on an Android is always Create Bucket


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