How do I use Vertical Backup with Wasabi?

Vertical Backup is certified for use with Wasabi.  To use Vertical Backup with Wasabi, provide a storage url in the form of wasabi://<bucket name> to the init command.  You will then be prompted to enter the access key and the secret:    

    [root@esxi55:/opt/vertical] ./vertical init esxi55 wasabi://verticalbackup-test

    Vertical Backup 1.1.4

    Enter the S3 access id:<your Wasabi access key here>

    Enter the S3 secret key:<your Wasabi secret here>

    Storage set to wasabi://verticalbackup-test

You can also set the environment variables VB_S3_ID and VB_S3_KEY to avoid entering them ever time a Vertical Backup command is run.

After that you can start backing up virtual machines by running the backup command:

    root@esxi55:/opt/vertical] ./vertical backup vm1 vm2

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