Resetting my account email doesn't seem to be working - what should I do?

If you run into problems changing the email address associated with your Wasabi account in the Wasabi console make sure to check the following:

1. Do not log in with an alias when attempting to change emails

If a user attempts to change an email address when logging in with an alias it can result in issues in updating the email address. Make sure to log out if logged in using an alias and re-login using your root accounts email address

2. After clicking on the confirmation link in your email log in using your previous account email address.

The email change system requires that you log in with your current email address in order to initiate the change. once you log in with your email you will see a dialogue box showing the console updating your email.

3. log out of your account once your email address is changed.

The console will not reflect your email change until you log out and log back in. when logging in again use your new email address.

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