How do I preserve the file date info when uploading to Wasabi storage?

One of the challenges with S3-style object storage (like AWS S3 or Wasabi) is that it does not naturally preserve certain file attributes.   This means that if you have a file on your local machine that has a date of 1/1/2018 and you copy it object storage on 1/2/2018 and then pull it back to local machine at a later date, the file will no longer have the 1/1/2018 date.   This topic is discussed in more detail here:

There are storage clients that work around this issue by encoding date stamps as part of an encapsulation mechanism.  This approach ensures that the date and related file info is fully preserved.   Most S3-capable backup programs take this approach.       But, if you are using simple S3 client file utilities (including the Wasabi Management Web console), you will notice that the date info is not preserved.

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