How do I migrate Veeam Backups from AWS S3 to Wasabi on Veeam v12?

Wasabi is a member of Veeam's cloud partner ecosystem. We have worked with Veeam closely to offer both a seamless implementation, and a smooth transition to cloud storage. More info on how Veeam works with Wasabi can be found in our Veeam with Wasabi Solution Overview.

Version 12 of Veeam's Backup and Replication software introduces the "Move Backup" and direct to object storage features. This article provides the procedure to migrate historical backups stored in AWS S3 to Wasabi cloud storage using Move Backup.

Note: The data restoration process is handled by your specific backup software application. As there are many potential variables that will affect your unique environment, it is strongly recommended that you seek the guidance of your backup software's technical support team in the event that you encounter difficulty, or have application-specific inquiries.


Table of Contents

  1. Prerequisites 
  2. Migrate Backups to Wasabi


1. Prerequisites

  • Active Wasabi Storage account
  • Veeam Backup and Replication version 12 software installed and licensed. 
  • A valid Veeam license that supports capabilities for object storage.
  • Completed backup jobs to Amazon S3 cloud storage.
  • Wasabi object storage repository created. Follow steps in section 4 of Create a Backup job in Veeam v12 knowledge base article.


2. Migrate Backups to Wasabi

2.1 On the "Home" tab of Veeam console, click on "Backups" and then select the backup to be migrated. Once the backup is selected, click on "Move Backup" on the top left. 

Note: In our example, the backup job "VM Backup job to AWS repo" is backed up to the AWS-S3-repo1 which is using AWS S3. 


2.2 In the Move Backup window, select the Wasabi object storage repository where the backup is to be migrated. Then click "OK".


2.3 Click "Yes" on the pop up regarding network traffic flow.


2.4 The Move Backup window will show the progress of migration. Close the window when the migration is finished. 


2.5 You can verify that the backup is now migrated to Wasabi by clicking on Backups in the Home tab. The repository of the migrated backup now shows as the Wasabi repository.  


2.6 All future backups from that backup job will be written to Wasabi. Verify that the target repository for the backup job is now your Wasabi repository by clicking on "Jobs" in the "Home" tab. 












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