How do I add Custom Cloud Console (CCC) Members to a Sub-Account using WACM?

These steps apply to Sub-Accounts that are newly created. For adding Members to Sub-Accounts that were previously created in Wasabi Account Control Manager, please see the steps for “How do I onboard an existing Sub-Account to Custom Cloud Console?


1. Once the new Sub-Account is created, go to the Members tab



2. Click the Create button 



3. Complete the information for the Member being created.


Members have six different roles to choose from:

  • Root – can perform all actions in the Custom Cloud Console including managing Root Access Keys and managing account Members.
  • Administrator - can perform all actions in the Custom Cloud Console including managing account Members but cannot view Root Access Keys
  • Full Access – can perform all S3 actions but cannot view Members or Root Access Keys Access Keys
  • Full Access Limited – same functionality as Full Access but cannot perform S3 Delete actions
  • Download Only – can view all S3 action including the ability to Download a file
  • Read Only – can view all S3 actions and cannot Download a file


4. Once you click Create, a modal will appear with Login information to share with the new Member. You can use the Copy Login Information button to copy all the details so you can paste and send to the Member.


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