How do I use Object First with Wasabi?

Ransomware-proof and immutable out-of-the-box, Object First Ootbi delivers simple, powerful, and affordable backup storage for Veeam. Wasabi has been validated to be used as a long-term and archival storage target on Veeam with Object First as a primary storage target.

Object First Ootbi is an immutable primary backup target for Veeam and complements Wasabi's cloud storage. Veeam's Backup & Replication software manages the backup policy to send data to both Object First Ootbi and Wasabi based on tiering instructions specified by the backup admin. Wasabi and Object First are perfect pair to easily establish a ransomware-proof 3-2-1 strategy.


Table of Contents

  1. Prerequisites
  2. Reference Architecture
  3. Veeam Configuration


1. Prerequisites

  • Active Wasabi Storage account and a bucket created.
  • Veeam Backup and Recovery version 12 software installed and licensed. 
  • The Veeam application requires base licensing of "Enterprise" or "Enterprise Plus" in order to leverage the Directory to object storage feature which is required for Wasabi Integration. Contact your Veeam sales representative to learn more about Veeam licensing. You can read more about Veeam Licensing on the Veeam Product Features Comparison page.
  • Object First Oobi deployed and configured. Please reach out to Object First
  • Backup repository for Object First is created on Veeam. 


2. Reference Architecture



3. Veeam Configuration

3.1 Add a cloud backup repository in Veeam that targets Wasabi. Please refer to section 3 of article Backup to Wasabi using a Scale-out Repository. For immutability on Wasabi repository please refer to Veeam Wasabi Object Lock Integration.


3.2 Create a scale-out backup repository in Veeam that targets Object First repository as the Performance tier (primary backup target).


Select Wasabi cloud storage as the Capacity tier for offsite replication and long-term retention/archive.


Refer to section 4 of article Backup to Wasabi using a Scale-out Repository for configuration steps.


3.3 Add a new Backup job to start writing backups using the SOBR. The backups will be written to Object First and a copy will be written to Wasabi's object storage in the cloud. Refer to section 5 of article Backup to Wasabi using a Scale-out Repository for configuration steps on Veeam.




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