How do I onboard an existing Sub-Account to Custom Cloud Console (CCC)?

The Custom Cloud Console requires S3 Keys that are generated at Sub-Account creation in WACM. Since these Sub-Accounts have been created previously, you will be required to Reset the Root Access Keys for this particular account.

Warning: By performing a Root Access Key Reset, all current existing Root Access Keys will be deleted and replaced with a single new Root Access Key. Please check with your Sub-Account if you are unsure if these keys are in use.


1. Login to Wasabi Account Control Manager

2. Select the existing Sub-Account you want to onboard to your Custom Cloud Console.


3.  Once the new Sub-Account is created, go to the Account tab 


4. Scroll down to the Sub-Account Information section and click “Manage Sub-Account" and choose “ Reset Access Key” 


5. Click “Reset” to complete resetting the Root Access Keys. 


6. Once the keys are reset, this Sub-Account is ready to use your Custom Cloud Console. Follow the steps for How do I add Custom Cloud Console Members to a Sub-Account using WACM? to complete onboarding for existing Sub-Accounts. 



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