Change in Ability to configure PUBLIC Access to objects and buckets



We wanted to inform you that starting from March 13, 2023, Wasabi will alter its default security settings for customers who desire to create public buckets and objects. For newly created accounts, any buckets created after this date cannot be enabled for public access by the user via the console or CLI.

Previously, buckets were always private by default, and trial accounts were unable to set their objects or buckets as public without prior request to  For the majority of Wasabi use cases, public access is not required, and thus, no action is needed for most customers. We recommend that you make use of other options such as pre-signed URL's in order to share your documents (see How do I generate pre-signed URLs for temporary access with Wasabi?).

If, however, you have use cases that require public bucket access you may contact Wasabi support to request to enable the feature. 

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Wasabi Support.


Wasabi Technologies

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