How do I use Hiscale FLICS with Wasabi?

Wasabi has been validated for use with Hiscale FLICS. FLICS is the next-generation solution for video transcoding, file-based ingest, and live video publishing using a containerized architecture with hybrid deployment options to provide high-quality video processing. To use this product with Wasabi, please follow the instructions below.


Table of Contents

1. Reference Architecture

2. Prerequisites

3. Configuration


1. Reference Architecture



2. Prerequisites

  • FLICS version 2.5 and later include native support for communication with WASABI via the S3 protocol.
  • No additional license is required to communicate with Wasabi.
  • An active Wasabi account

3.  Configuration

3.1. Login to the application using the FLICS web-based user interface.


3.2. In the Config section of the menubar, select "STORAGE".


3.3. To add a new Storage, click on the "+" button.


3.4. Choose "S3 and compatible" from the TYPE dropdown menu.


3.5. Provide the following information and click "OK"

  • S3 ENDPOINT: endpoint URL to access your Wasabi cloud storage
  • S3 REGION: leave empty (included in S3 ENDPOINT)
  • BUCKET: Wasabi bucket name
  • PREFIX: Additional subfolder in a bucket
  • ACCESS KEY - Wasabi access key
  • SECRET KEY - Wasabi secret key


3.6. Choose DIRECTION from the dropdown menu to specify whether the bucket will be used as a source (Input) or destination (Output) storage.



3.7. Click Save and use the user interface to check connectivity.



The configured Wasabi storage can now be used in the transcoding templates.

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