How to use Object Locking with Custom Cloud Console (CCC)?

Object Locking can help prevent objects from being deleted or overwritten for a fixed amount of time or indefinitely. Object Locking must be enabled at Bucket Creation. Versioning must also be enabled on the bucket. Once enabled, Object Locking cannot be disabled.



Creating an Object Lock Bucket

1. Click Create Bucket from the Buckets list 


2. Slide the switch next to Object Locking to enable Object Locking on this Bucket. (Note: Bucket Versioning will be enabled automatically) 



Setting Object Locking Defaults

When Object Locking is enabled for a bucket, the Object Locking panel tab on the properties page for the bucket will have default settings that can be configured.

1. Select a Bucket from the Buckets List that you would like to configure Object Locking Defaults for. (Note: This Bucket must have had Object Lock enable at Bucket Creation.)


2. Click Properties.


3. Slide the switch next to Enable Bucket-Level Object Retention. These settings will automatically apply to all new objects placed into the bucket after you apply the settings. 


4. Configure a mode by selecting either Governance Mode or Compliance Mode.

  • Objects placed in Governance Mode remain immutable until after they have reached the retain until date, unless a user has specific IAM permissions to alter the settings.
  • Objects placed in Compliance Mode remain immutable until after they have reached the retain until date. This cannot be reversed for any reason, by any user, regardless of user permissions.


5. Configure the Retention Period (Time Scale and Retention Time) 


6. Click Update. 


7. Type CONFIRM and click Confirm to save the settings. 



Viewing Object Lock Information for an Object

1. Click on a Bucket then select an Object



2. The “Mode,” “Retain Until” date, and “Legal Hold” status is displayed.





Modifying existing Object Lock setting

1. Click on an Object.

2. Click Edit (to the right of Object Locking) Modify the “Mode” and/or “Retain Until” date


3. After making your change, click APPLY to save the new Object Locking settings.


If object locking was not previously configured on the object:

1. Click on an Object.

2. Click Enable (to the right of Object Locking)  


3. Select a “Mode” and enter a “Retain Until” date for the object and click “Apply” 



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