How to manage Region availability using WACM and Custom Cloud Console (CCC)?

Wasabi Account Control Manager (WACM) partners using Custom Cloud Console (CCC) can configure region availability by Sub-Account. When the end customers logs into CCC, the only regions they will see in the Create Bucket region dropdown will be what is configured by the Partner in WACM.


How to set Default Regions for your Custom Cloud Console

1. Log in to Wasabi Account Control Manager and go to My Profile.



2. Then select "Regions"



3. Disable regions by using the switch. Disabling a region will hide the region from all Sub-Accounts.


Note - All Regions that are "enabled" in your Profile will be available to Sub-Accounts but can be disabled at the Sub-Account level.


How to disable Regions for a Sub-Account

1. Log in to Wasabi Account Control Manager and select a Sub-Account



2. Select "Regions" from the menu.



3. Use the UI switch to disable a Region for a Sub-Account. This will hide the Select Region dropdown in the Create Bucket form. 


Note: In this example, since the Osaka region was hidden in the previous How to, Osaka is hidden from all Sub-Accounts. 


If we will disable the rest of the Asia Pacific Regions for this Sub-Account.



When the Sub-Account Member logs into the Custom Cloud Console (CCC), they will not see the Asia Pacific Regions when Creating a Bucket.



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