How do I use Opti9's Disaster Recovery service with Veeam and Wasabi?

Disaster recovery planning has become one of the most critical parts of a company’s business continuity strategy. Having a backup strategy and maintaining backups of the data and infrastructure gives you access to the data but does not provide you with access to the critical systems and applications that are inaccessible in the event of a disaster or a cyber-attack.

The backup strategy focuses on the frequency of the backups, retention periods, storage locations (on-prem and off-prem) but the disaster recovery planning enables you to be up and running with access to your critical workloads by ensuring there is a proper failover environment in place with the required compute and storage resources. Formulating a proper disaster recovery plan and maintaining a recovery site can be complicated but Managed Service providers like Opti9 have removed the complexity with their Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) offerings.


Disaster Recovery with Veeam and Wasabi using Opti9 

You can now strengthen your Veeam + Wasabi backup strategy by utilizing the disaster recovery services provided by Opti9. 

Opti9 offers two types of DRaaS offerings

  •  Native DRaaS - DRaaS involves the continuous replication of customer workloads directly to Opti9’s DR infrastructure so that they can be immediately brought online in response to disasters
  •  DR-Ready - DR-Ready allows customers to leverage their existing Veeam backups stored on Wasabi for disaster recovery purposes. It provides recovery capabilities that go far beyond what can be achieved by backups alone and without the need to duplicate data.

The table below highlights the main differences between the two offerings. 

Services DRaaS DR-Ready
Data Movement Direct Replication Backup Restoration
Data Location Opti9 Infrastructure Wasabi
Bring Your Own Wasabi Yes Yes
Bring Your Own Veeam Yes Yes
Pre-configured recovery environment Yes Yes
Pre-configured networking Yes Yes
Opti9 Authorized runbooks Yes No
Bi-annual managed testing Yes No
Recovery environment utilization 72 hours/month included On-demand only
Opti9 Managed services Failover, Failback, testing, troubleshooting Opti9 initiated restores only



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