Wasabi Pricing Change FAQ June 2023

1. How do I find out what pay-go pricing plan I'm currently on?

You can view your most recent invoice from the Wasabi Management Console. Alternatively, you can contact Wasabi Support or your Wasabi Sales representative.

2. What can I do if the new pricing is incompatible with my use case or business needs?  

If you are a pay-go pricing customer, you can receive discounts on Wasabi pricing via the Reserved Capacity Storage (RCS) pricing model. 

3.  Does this pricing change affect Wasabi's free egress or free API request policy?

No. Egress and API requests remain free (subject to Wasabi's fair use policies described here). 

4. How does this pricing change affect Wasabi's claim of '80% less than AWS'?

To better explain this comparison statement, let’s consider a simple example for 1 TB of storage and 20% of this storage downloaded per month (100 GB):

AWS S3 = [$.023/GB/mo(storage)*1024 GB/TB] + [$.09/GB(egress) * 200 GB] = $41.98

Wasabi = $6.99/TB/mo(storage)+ $0/GB(egress) = $6.99

Wasabi’s total charges of $6.99 are ~83% less than AWS S3’s total charge of $41.98

5. If I am an existing pay-go customer on the $5.99/TB/month pricing plan, when do I see the impact of the new price change on my monthly invoice?

The new pricing plan will apply to all current customers and will be reflected on your invoice for the first billing cycle on or after October 1, 2023. These pricing updates and FAQs supersede any previously issued pricing policies or pricing-related FAQs.

6. If I have purchased Wasabi through a Value Added Reseller(VAR) or Managed Services Provider(MSP), how does this price change affect me?

Please contact the VAR or MSP directly where you purchased Wasabi for their pricing information related to your account.  

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