How much bandwidth do I need with Wasabi Surveillance Cloud?

Wasabi Surveillance Cloud software (WSC) replicates video surveillance data generated from surveillance cameras stored on a local storage system, to Wasabi. This data traverses the Windows machine on which the WSC software is hosted.

To quickly estimate your required internet speed, you can use the “1/5 rule of thumb”:

    •  If you know the average bitrate of all your cameras:
      • Multiply total recording bitrate x 1.5 (allows for readback and fluctuations)

EXAMPLE: 173 Mbps x 1.5 = ~250 Mbps

  • If you know the current storage requirements for a given retention period:
    • Multiply #GB / #days x 0.15

EXAMPLE: 350 GB per day = 350 x 0.15 = ~50Mbps

                                     100TB per month = 100 x1024 x.15 ÷ 30 = ~500 Mbps


Throttling the bandwidth usage of WSC software

It is possible to either limit or schedule bandwidth, as long as there is enough bandwidth available to upload what needs to be uploaded. Otherwise, WSC will always fall behind which can result in data loss in situations where all data is not backed up to Wasabi.

We can either reduce the number of threads used to upload data or pause WSC during certain hours to avoid replication.

1. Run "regedit" (Registry Editor) on the Windows host machine.

2. Navigate to KEY: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wasabi\tiger-bridge\tiersvc\settings

3. Look for value: work_threads_count

4. Choose a value between 1 and 16 (A value of 1 will throttle to ~50-100Mbps upload – depending on your system, cloud, and connection, and value of 16 will saturate a 1Gpbs pipe)

5. After you change this number you will need to restart the Wasabi Surveillance Cloud services from Windows Services app.

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