How to use Adobe Premiere Pro with Wasabi Cloud NAS?

Adobe Premiere Pro is the leading video editing software for film, TV, and the web. Adobe Premiere Pro does not natively support cloud storage such as Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage. In order to use Wasabi's low-cost and high-speed cloud storage service you can utilize Wasabi's Cloud NAS.


Table of Contents

1. Prerequisites

2. Configuration


1. Prerequisites

  • Adobe Premiere Pro application and active subscription
  • Wasabi cloud storage account with active subscription
  • Wasabi Cloud NAS Software - Latest version : (Updated: 6/13/2023)


2. Configuration

2.1 Install Wasabi Cloud NAS and configure a source folder to be backed up to your Wasabi bucket. For detail instructions on how to set up Cloud NAS you can follow in the Wasabi Cloud NAS KB

After configuring Cloud NAS there are some registry key settings that you will need to update to optimize playback of video inside of Premiere Pro. 

2.2 Open up the Windows Registry by typing in "regedit". 

2.3 Navigate to the following path to locate the registry settings of WCN: 


2.4 The first setting you will want to verify is the Source_icon_mode and make sure that it is 0.

2.5 The next setting you will want to verify/adjust is "restore_part_size" and make sure that is 0. 

2.6 Next you will need to make sure that "progressive_restore_mode" is set to 1. 

2.7 Finally you will want to adjust "progressive_restore_timeout" to 10,000. 

2.8 Open Adobe Premiere Pro and Create a new Project.

2.9 Click on "Media Browser" and navigate to the source folder where your Video files are stored.

2.10 Drag and drop the video file that you wish to edit into the open tile.

2.11 The video file will now play back from the cloud as needed for editing. Once you are done editing and save the file it will then be replicated and reclaimed back to your bucket after your policy settings have been met.




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