Wasabi Ball Pricing Change FAQ - September 2023


1. If I am an existing Wasabi Ball customer paying old price, when do I see the impact of the new price change on my monthly invoice?

The new price will apply to all customers who place the order for Wasabi Ball on November 1, 2023 or later. If you are an existing customer with Wasabi Ball in your possession on November 1, 2023, you will be charged the old price of $300/month until you return the ball to Wasabi.

2. Does this price change apply to both RCS and Pay-go customers?


3. Does this price still include a 30-day rental for Wasabi Ball?


4. Does this pricing include shipping charges for Wasabi Ball?

Yes, the price is all inclusive, including the 30-day rental plus the round trip shipping of the Wasabi Ball.

5. Are there any new capabilities added to the Wasabi Ball?

  • Wasabi Ball will support up to 250 TB of storage. For large data transfers, customers will need less Wasabi Balls and the ingestion process will be significantly faster.*
  • Furthermore, Wasabi Ball service is now available in the European Union, enabling customers to transfer their on premise data locally within the EU region to Wasabi’s EU data centers located in Amsterdam and Paris.*

6. Are there any other details I need to know for Wasabi Ball?

For more details on Wasabi Ball service, please visit our product web page here and our Wasabi Ball FAQ document here.


* These capabilities will be available soon

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