Getting Started with the Wasabi Ball

Wasabi Ball allows you to transfer data from your on-premise site to Wasabi cloud. 

To get started, simply follow these easy steps: 

  1. Work with your Sales rep to get a quote for Wasabi Ball.
  2. Fill out the customer Wasabi Ball questionnaire that gets sent out to your email. 
  3. Wasabi Sales Engineer will contact the customer if any additional questions after reviewing the questionnaire responses. 
  4. Once qualified by Sales Engineer, customer signs the quote. 
  5. Sales Engineer will contact the customer to confirm shipping address. 
  6. A Wasabi support ticket is opened and shared with the customer for tracking the Wasabi Ball 
  7. Wasabi ships the Wasabi Ball to the customer. 
  8. Upon receiving the ball, customer transfers the data to the Wasabi Ball. 
  9. If customer needs help or have any questions, he/she contacts the Wasabi Sales Engineer via the support ticket opened for the Wasabi Ball transaction in Step #6 above. 
  10. Once transfer is complete, Customer ships the ball back to the Wasabi data center via the return shipping label provided by Wasabi. 
  11. Wasabi ingests the data in the Wasabi Vault. 
  12. Sales Engineer contacts the customer to validate the data. 
  13. Once customer validates and confirms everything looks correct, Wasabi securely erases the data from the Wasabi Ball and resets it to factory settings. 


If you have any questions during the transfer process, reply to the email you received from Sales Engineer or send an email to and a Support Engineer will help you. 

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