What is Wasabi Account Control Manager's Channel Account feature?

The Wasabi Account Control Manager (WACM) (https://wacm.wasabisys.com/en/wasabi/auth/login) is a hosted platform that allows you to centrally manage Wasabi cloud storage accounts in a multi-tiered environment. The Channel Account feature allows you to easily onboard your partners so they can start selling through WACM underneath your control account. 

A channel account is a WACM account that lives underneath a control account.  The channel account sits between the control account and sub-accounts in the WACM hierarchy. You can look at these accounts as "mini control accounts" that you can provision out to additional users.

Screen Shot 2023-11-01 at 7.47.18 PM.png

Channel Account users can manage a subset of sub-accounts that they create or that you assign to them. Channel account users can benefit from the WACM features you are accustomed to while only having access to their designated sub-accounts. All sub-account storage still rolls up to you, the parent control account. This allows you to resell through the channel underneath a single Wasabi contract.


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NOTE: Reach out to Wasabi support (support@wasabi.com) with any questions or suggestions about the product.

NOTE: For details about the Wasabi Account Control Manager core product and how to manage Sub-Accounts and Channel Accounts, please see this article.

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