How do I manage multiple partners under one RCS contract in WACM?


WACM is a multi-faceted partner tool that allows the management of multiple accounts in many combinations of contracting.

To manage and resell to multiple partners under a single RCS contract, you first need an RCS Control Account and a WACM account.  If you do not have these please reach out to your sales rep or

Once you are logged into your WACM Control Account, you can begin onboarding your channel partners using the Channel Accounts feature shown at the top of the page. 

Screen Shot 2023-11-01 at 7.56.26 PM.png

All Channel Accounts and the Sub-Accounts underneath them will all roll up into your single RCS contract. Wasabi will bill you for all usage, and then you can bill your Channel Accounts with the help of WACM usage and sub-invoice reporting. 

For more information about Channel Accounts check out the article: What is Wasabi Account Control Manager's Channel Account feature?


NOTE: Reach out to Wasabi support ( with any questions or suggestions about the product.

NOTE: For details about the Wasabi Account Control Manager core product and how to manage Sub-Accounts and Channel Accounts, please see this article.

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