How do I add or remove a sub-account from a channel account?

There are a few different ways sub-accounts can be added to a channel account.

1. When a channel account user creates a sub-account, the sub-account is automatically assigned to that channel account.

2. As a control account or account governance user, you can click into any sub-account and assign it to a channel account. Simply navigate to the sub-account -> account tab, find the channel account dropdown, and select the channel account you wish to assign the sub-account to. To remove the channel account, click the red x.

Make sure to click "Update" to save these changes.

Screen Shot 2023-11-02 at 8.25.51 AM.png

3. To create a sub-account on behalf of a channel account, you can click on the Channel Accounts tab at the top and click on the desired channel account. Then simply click the "Create Sub-Account" button from this page and the new sub-account will automatically be assigned to the channel account.

Screen Shot 2023-11-02 at 8.29.14 AM.png


For more information about Channel Accounts check out the article: What is Wasabi Account Control Manager's Channel Account feature?

NOTE: Reach out to Wasabi support ( with any questions or suggestions about the product.

NOTE: For details about the Wasabi Account Control Manager core product and how to manage Sub-Accounts and Channel Accounts, please see this article.

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