Wasabi Cloud NAS – “Failed to license Wasabi Cloud NAS” Error Message

There can be situations when the customer sees the following error while signing up for Wasabi Cloud NAS.

Error: "Failed to license Wasabi Cloud NAS"





  1. Once the Wasabi Cloud NAS download is complete, begin the installation by running the Wasabi Cloud NAS installer file as Administrator.
  2. You then click on the checkbox to agree to the License terms and conditions and click Next.

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At this step, the Wasabi Licensing Server needs to validate the customer’s installed version.


If this does not happen, the following can be the potential causes:

  • Network Connectivity issues
  • Customer-end firewall policies that prevent connection to the “Wasabi Licensing Server”


The customer will see the “Failed to perform initial Wasabi Cloud NAS configuration” Error Message.


How to solve this?


(A) Check to see if any of the firewall policies are blocking connection to the “Wasabi Licensing Server”

[Note: The following URLs should not be blocked


(B) The following TCP ports must not be blocked by any firewall:

443 – outbound rule only
8536 – inbound and outbound rules
8537 – inbound and outbound rules

(C) If it is a momentary network connectivity issue, then creating a new trial account for Wasabi Cloud NAS by reinstalling the app (customer should delete any Windows registry for Wasabi) and going through the new account signup process documented in this KB article can help:
Wasabi Cloud NAS - Download and Installation Instructions

(D) If there are no changes to the Network, no firewall blocking access to the specified sites, and all the necessary ports are allowed; then you do not need to reboot the server, you can just restart the Cloud NAS service. Go to Services on the Windows system and restart the following services -



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