How do I use Komprise Director with Wasabi?

Komprise Director has been validated for use with Wasabi. Follow steps outlined below to configure Wasabi as a cloud storage target. 

Please Note: The data restoration process is handled by your specific backup software application. As there are many potential variables that will affect your unique environment, it is strongly recommended that you seek the guidance of your backup software's technical support team in the event that you encounter difficulty, or have application-specific inquiries.

1. Login to Komprise 


2. Navigate to "Shares"


3. Click on Targets


4. Click "Add Cloud Target"


5. Choose "Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage" from the drop down list:


6. Provide the following:

  • Bucket name 
  • Key ID
  • Secret Key

Optionally, change "Data Format" from "Native" to "Chunked" or "Chunked and compressed" 


Note: Komprise defaults to wasabi's us-east-1 region when a bucket is attached to the Director, In order to change the bucket's location or leverage multiple Wasabi buckets in different regions, Please contact Komprise support.  Additional Wasabi's region will be available as a drop down option in an upcoming Komprise Director release. 

7. Once the "Add" operation completes successfully, Wasabi/<bucket-name> will show up as a cloud target


8. Navigate to "Plan" and click "Edit" 


9. Under "Target" click on the drop down list and choose "Wasabi/komprise-test-east" from the drop down list


10. Click "Done editing", Based on the plan configuration set for the data on your local share, Komprise software will analyze and move data to Wasabi storage. 

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