How do I use AWS Storage Gateway with Wasabi?

AWS Storage Gateway is a hybrid storage service from AWS that enables your on-premises applications that are not natively S3-compatible to use AWS S3 cloud storage.    Your applications can connect to the AWS Storage Gateway using non-S3 storage protocols as NFS and iSCSI.   The typical topology when using AWS Storage Gateway is this:


Wasabi cannot connect to the AWS Storage Gateway as it uses a proprietary AWS interface.  However, if you do wish to interface your applications with Wasabi via NFS/iSCSI, Wasabi does have some approaches to addressing this requirement.   Just about any NAS (network attached storage) device will support a NFS interface and many NAS devices also support iSCSI.   The topology when using a NAS device with Wasabi cloud storage is is this:


When researching NAS devices to use with Wasabi, you will want to find one that offers the local file system interfaces you need (i.e. NFS, iSCSI, SMB, CIFS etc) and provides an S3 interface to use with Wasabi.       You can view a list of all S3-capable products (not just NAS devices) at 

Please contact us with your specific needs in this area.   




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