How do I use Wowza Streaming Engine with Wasabi?

Wowza Streaming Engine can be used to stream your video files on Wasabi Storage. Below are the configuration steps to use it:

1) Download and install Wowza Streaming Engine. Wowza Streaming Engine has a browser based manager which easily allows you to connect Wowza to Wasabi Storage

2) Open the Streaming Engine Manager by typing "http://localhost:8088" into the browser and login with the credentials created during installation

3) Navigate to Server > Media Cache > Sources. Click on Add Media Cache Source. Select/Fill the following details and click on Add.

Source Type --> AmazonS3

Base Path -->

AWS Access Key ID --> Wasabi Access Key

AWS Secret Access Key --> Wasabi Secret Key

4) Navigate to Application > Add Application > VOD Edge. Provide a name for application and select the Media Cache source created earlier and click on Save.

5) All Set! You can test the configuration by navigating to Home > Test Players. You can see various players that are supported in specific browser and each player has a different code to play the video.

Link format to stream a file in various players:

MPEG DASH -> http://<Wowza-server-address>:1935/<application-name>/_definst_/<MediaCache-source-prefix>/<bucket-name>/<filename>/manifest.mpd

Apple HLS ->  http://<Wowza-server-address>:1935/<application-name>/_definst_/<MediaCache-source-prefix>/<bucket-name>/<filename>/playlist.m3u8

Adobe RTMP -> Server = http://<Wowza-server-address>:1935/<application-name>

                      Stream = <bucket-name>/<filename>

Adobe HDS ->  http://<Wowza-server-address>:1935/<application-name>/_definst_/<MediaCache-source-prefix>/<bucket-name>/<filename>/manifest.f4m

Note that this example discusses the use of Wasabi's us-east-1 storage region. To use other Wasabi storage regions, please use the appropriate Wasabi service URL as described in this article


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