I'm seeing Data Transfer (Out) charges on my bill - what do they mean?

If you are a paid Wasabi subscriber and on a paid egress* pricing plan, there is a $.04/GB charge for Data Transfer (out).  Data Transfer (out) is also referred to as downloaded or egress traffic from Wasabi to the requesting party.   If you are seeing a charge in this area and would like to know the root cause, please review the information below.

Data Transfer (out) or  download / egress activity can occur for one or more of the following reasons:

1.  Your third-party storage application is initiating the activity (even if you may not be taking explicit action).  If you think this condition applies, you should contact the storage app vendor for more information.

2.  You have one or more files / folders set for 'public' access.   All files and folders stored in Wasabi are set for 'private' access so unless you have explicitly turned on 'public' access for these objects and shared the associated URL with someone, this would not normally occur.  This section of the Wasabi User Guide has more info on the public / private setting topic. 

3.  You are using the Wasabi Management Console to access your data (including viewing of configuration information).   Simply viewing configuration info is not going to cause any meaningful activity but if you are using the Wasabi Management Console to download / view files, then you can expect to incur a charge for the download activity.


If you wish to avoid Data Transfer (Out) charges, you may wish to consider an alternative pricing plan.  Please contact us for details. 

* This applies to subscribers that are on a legacy pricing plan (a paid egress pricing plan is not currently available to new subscribers)

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