I can't login to my Wasabi account


Wasabi recently simplified our login screen to make it a bit more clear as to what screen is used for Root Account vs. Subuser logins (details below).  Some users that had previously logged into the Wasabi Management Console prior to 14 July 2018 may experience login problems due to previous login info that is cached in your browser.   This login problem will cause a warning message that indicates that your account 'cannot be found'

To workaround this problem, you can try one of these steps:

1. Clear your browser cache (preferred)

2. Use an incognito window

3. Use a different browser

Assuming you choose workaround #1, you should not see any re-occurence of the problem in the future.  If this workaround does not resolve the problem, please contact us


In general, the flow for Wasabi Management Console works as described below.  You should use the appropriate login approach, depending on whether or not you are trying to login as the root user or as a subuser.

When trying to login to the Wasabi Management Console at console.wasabisys.com, you are presented with the login dialog below: 


Most users will enter in their Root Account Email and associated password.  However, if you have been issued a 'Subuser' account by your Root Account administrator, you should select the 'Sign In As Subuser option that is show in the lower left of the above login box.  This will present the dialog below:


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