How do I use UltraBac with Wasabi?

UltraBac is a data protection solution that can be used with Wasabi by following the UltraBAC configuration steps below.   

1. In the UltraBac management console, choose the Manage tab.


2. From the manage menu, click on “Storage Devices” on the right.


3. A new window will pop up.  Click on the “Cloud’ tab.


4. On the Cloud tab, click the blue “Add Device” button.


5. This will open the cloud device properties window.  Choose Wasabi as your provider.


6. Select the region, where your Wasabi storage resides.


7. Enter in your ID (Wasabi API Access Key) and Secret (Wasabi API Secret Key)


8. Click the “OK” button in lower right and close the storage device window. 

Your new Wasabi cloud device will now be available in the list of available storage devices when creating an ad-hoc or scheduled backup.

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