I am getting a network error when accessing the Wasabi Management Console - how can I resolve this?

The Wasabi Management Console relies on IP connectivity to not only console.wasabisys.com but several other wasabisys.com sub-domains.   These sub-domains include:

  • console.wasabisys.com
  • iam.wasabisys.com
  • billing.wasabisys.com
  • billing-service.wasabisys.com
  • the Wasabi service URL(s) you are using (see this article)

If you are seeing 'Network Error' messages when trying to use the Wasabi Management Console, one possible cause is that there is some sort of firewall or web security gateway blocking the connectivity to these sub-domains from your location.  You can verify connectivity to these sub-domains by running a simple ping test.

If you are still receiving 'Network Error' message and you have successfully verified connectivity to all of the sub-domains, please contact Wasabi Support.

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