How do I use FileBrowser with Wasabi?

Version 14.5 of FileBrowserGO and FileBrowser for Business can be used with Wasabi by following the instructions below. 
Here are the App Store links:
How to set up Wasabi cloud storage in FileBrowserGO and FileBrowser for Business:
1. Choose the Amazon S3 connector type when adding a new storage location.
2. Paste the Wasabi key and secret settings into the appropriate boxes.
3. Select the Unknown Region (because the region will be specified by the URL).
4. Enter the appropriate URL for the region you will be using (see full list here)
5. You can now set the display name to one appropriate for your connection and tap Save.
It’s not possible to create buckets using FileBrowser.
All file management features are available using FileBrowser including copy, move, delete, rename, create folder. Wasabi storage can participate in drag-drop and even the iOS Files app can now be used to open documents on Wasabi
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