Making files public when using trial accounts

Wasabi's free trial program provides access to all Wasabi features.  However, in order to prevent the problem of new users mistakingly making files or buckets public and inadvertently allowing public access to the files or buckets, Wasabi has disallowed the ability for trial users to make files or buckets public.  If this functionality is required for your trial testing, please contact us so we can review your use case and potentially adjust your trial account to enable this capability.  We have an article on how to make a bucket or folder within a bucket public here.


NOTE: while Wasabi can certainly be used to access files over the public internet, it is important to consider Wasabi's reasonable use egress policy as noted in FAQ#8 of our Pricing FAQs.  The reasonable use egress policy indicates that if your monthly downloads (egress) are greater than your active storage volume, then your storage use case is not a good fit for Wasabi’s free egress policy, and we reserve the right to limit or suspend your service.

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