Creating a Wasabi API Access Key Set

When using the S3 API, you must have an API access key set to exchange storage files between your application and the Wasabi service.  This key set will consist of an Access Key and a Secret Key.  Each key is a text string that you will cut/paste into your storage application. 

You may create a Wasabi API Access Key Set for your root account by following the procedure below. 

  1. Log into the Wasabi Console as the root user. 
  2. Click on the Menu tab to show the full menu to the left side (Buckets/Policies/Access Keys/Groups/Roles/Users/Settings/Billing/Support) 
  3. Click on the Access Keys item 
  4. Select the CREATE NEW ACCESS KEY button on the top right
    You will get a pop-up, select whether to keys are for the root account or a sub-user mceclip2.png
  5. Select the CREATE button, and then you will have successfully created the key pair
  6. BE SURE TO KEEP A COPY OF THESE KEYS. You may go back to see the Access Key, but the Secret Key cannot be obtained after the fact, so be sure you have a copy of this now. You can copy them down as a CSV file, you can copy them both to the clipboard, or you can display them on the screen and copy and paste them yourself, but be sure to keep a copy of them. 

NOTE: There is a limit of TWO Access/Secret Keys per user, including the root user. if you lose one of these, you may have to delete it and add a new one in. Take care with these keys. 

Now, when you have an application that requires and Access Key and Secret Key, you can use those. Remember that you probably want to make sub-users for this. 

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