Is it possible to white label Wasabi storage?

Wasabi is sometimes asked if it is possible to white label, private label, or otherwise rebrand/co-brand the Wasabi hot cloud storage service.  This question often comes up when a managed service provider (MSP) wishes to resell Wasabi as part of a broader service offering.

Below is a summary of what can and can not be done in this area:

1. If you wish to use your own service URL (i.e. to access Wasabi, we do allow qualified partners to white label Wasabi service URLs.  This capability allows partners to utilize a service URL such as instead of (where partner-name is the name of the partner).  This white label URL capability may be useful for partners that are bundling in Wasabi storage as part of their service offering but do not wish for the end customer to see a Wasabi-branded service URL.   To white label a Wasabi service URL, the partner must work with Wasabi to provide a TLS certificate with the appropriate service URL (i.e. one with the domain name  Wasabi will then import this certificate into the Wasabi network elements where it is required.

To qualify to use this white label capability, you must be a registered Wasabi partner via the Wasabi Partner Network Program.  Wasabi requires a $1,000 fee for the first service URL and $500 for each additional service URL.  This fee will be invoiced once the service URL(s) are live. Please contact the Wasabi Partner team for more info on this process.


2. The web-based Wasabi Management Console (screen shot below) can not be white labeled.  For many partners, this is acceptable because in models where the partner is doing the provisioning and billing of Wasabi storage for the end user, the end user would never need to access the Wasabi Management Console. This is because the end user would be interfacing with (for example) a partner-provided backup application or partner-portal and not the Wasabi Management Console. 



3. Wasabi-branded desktop clients (such as Wasabi Explorer) can not be white labeled.  Several of the leading client applications for S3-style storage do support white labeling for a fee.  Examples include MSP360(CloudBerry Lab), ExpanDrive, and Mountain Duck. Please contact these vendors for details on their capabilities in this area. 


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