What cloud-to-cloud migration tools does Wasabi recommend?

Wasabi is often asked what tools we recommend for use when migrating or duplicating storage from a customer's existing cloud provider to Wasabi in a cloud-to-cloud manner. These types of tools are useful for the following scenarios:

1. You wish to migrate all of your storage from your existing cloud to Wasabi for cost-savings, performance, or other reasons

2. You wish to duplicate (continually or one-time) your storage from your existing cloud to Wasabi for multi-cloud (second copy), cost, performance or other reasons

Wasabi has worked with many tools that are capable of supporting these scenarios but before we provide this list, we would first like to review some important cost considerations on this topic.  It is important to note that despite the cost implications of using these tools, these costs can be small relative to the cost savings of using Wasabi relative to other cloud storage providers.   For this reason, even when you factor in the cost of using a cloud-to-cloud migration tool, you can often realize meaningful savings with Wasabi. 


Important cost considerations when evaluating cloud-to-cloud migration tools

1. Before deciding on which tool is best for you, you should investigate what it will cost to extract the data from the source cloud. Most public cloud object storage providers such as AWS, GCP, and Azure will charge you some amount (typically between $.01 and $.09 per GB) to extract (download or egress) the data from their cloud.  Depending on the volume of data you are trying to move, this cost could be a large number.     

Sometimes, when the cost of extracting the data from the source cloud is too high, you may wish to consider re-uploading the source data to Wasabi (vs. trying to do cloud-to-cloud copy).  This has the potential for taking a long time depending the size of the data set and the size of your network connection to Wasabi (but at least you avoid source cloud egress fees). 

If you are trying to move data from cloud storage providers that don't charge an egress fee, you should also make sure that these providers do not have per-day or per-month data egress limit (some do). 

2. You should also evaluate the cost of using the migration tool itself.  Some migration tools operate as cloud-based tools (meaning they are hosted in public cloud compute and you don't need to install the tool on your own hardware).  In order for the providers of these tools to cover these compute and bandwidth costs plus in order for the tool vendor to support their own business, most tool vendors will charge some sort of per-GB or per-TB transfer fees.   These fees are in addition to the cost of extracting the data from the source cloud.

If the cost of using a cloud-based tool is not compatible with your use case (because of metered transfer fees), you may wish to consider a tool that you can deploy in your own environment (a host-yourself tool).  That does not necessarily mean you won't have to pay some sort of license fee for access to the tool but at least you can avoid the compute and bandwidth costs that factor into the cloud-based tool fees. 


Cloud-to-cloud migration tools Wasabi validated by Wasabi

The following tools (listed in alphabetical order) have been validated for use with Wasabi.  Note that the term 'tool' is used to describe this class of functionality in a general manner (even though these vendors may describe their product or service using terms like platform, gateway, orchestrator, etc.).

It is important to note that some of these tools are purpose-built for migration and duplication use cases but some of the listed tools (such as AWS CLI and S3cmd) are generic utilities that can be used for copying scenarios. If you have questions about the technical capabilities or pricing of these platforms, please contact the appropriate tool vendor.  

(note that the links below point to the appropriate article in the Wasabi Knowledge Base)


AWS CLI (self-hosted)

Couchdrop (cloud-hosted tool)

Cloudflyer (cloud-hosted tool)

CloudFuze (cloud-hosted tool)

Cloudsfer (cloud-hosted tool)

Datadobi DobiMigrate (self-hosted)

Flexify.io (cloud-hosted tool)

NetApp CloudSync (self-hosted)

Nodeum (self-hosted)

Scality Zenko (self-hosted)

S3cmd (self-hosted)





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