How can I export a copy of my configuration in a debug file?

To facilitate customer support and more effectively service you, a Wasabi support technician may request that you download and email a debug file to help Wasabi Support.

To do so:

Go to the Wasabi Console and select the Settings tab on the left. 

In the lower right, Click the Download Debug Info button:



A message indicates that the file is being prepared. 

Export Debug File

Download and email this file when contacting to help us service you more effectively.

Preparing your configuration for export. Please note that this can take a while



You will be prompted to save the file (wasabi-support-config-<date>.json

The file will contain:

  • a list of your Access Keys for the root user and your sub-accounts (just the Access Key, NOT the Secret Key)
  • A list of your Buckets and their settings. 
  • A list of your groups and their settings. 
  • A list of your policies.
  • A list of your roles.
  • A list of your sub-accounts.

If asked, you can email this file to

Documentation for this is located here

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