How do I use XenData Gateway with Wasabi?

XenData Cloud File Gateway allows file-based applications to seamlessly use Wasabi.  More info on this joint solution can be found here. This product (version 7.03 and higher) runs on a Windows server and creates a highly scalable active archive that is accessed over your network via standard SMB, NFS or FTP protocols. This article describes how to configure Wasabi access from the XenData Cloud File Gateway software.

XenData has also provided some helpful content below:

  1. Tutorial:
  2. A video which shows how to configure read only access for Wasabi:


To start, follow the instructions below to add a Wasabi S3 account to the XenData config.

1. Launch the S3 Endpoint Configuration utility as follows:

  • Click the Windows Start icon.
  • Open the XenData program group.
  • Click the S3 Endpoint Configuration entry in the list.


2. Right-click on 'S3 Endpoints'; select 'New' and then Wasabi S3 Endpoint'.



3. Enter the name for the endpoint (no spaces allowed), then click 'OK'.



4. Left-click on the endpoint name shown under 'S3 Endpoints', then enter the 'Access Key ID' and 'Secret Key' from your S3 account. Once you've added the keys, select the region you wish your buckets to be created in from the drop-down and then click 'Apply'.



5. Reboot the computer.


6. Expand the Diagnostics section in the left pane of the Cloud Gateway Management Console.


7. Click on the S3 Endpoint to be configured.



8. The right-hand pane of the console will show the Account Identity which includes the endpoint name. There are two configuration options:

  • Enable Account. This must be enabled to access the endpoint.
  • Transmit checksums with uploaded data. By enabling this option, checksums are transmitted when data is uploaded to the endpoint and are used for data verification purposes.
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